M & R Water Conditioning offers a complete line of Residential and Commercial Water Softeners, Alternative Water Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Tyent Water Ionizers. Whatever your needs – from entry level water softeners to Twin Alternating Softeners, Saltless Water Conditioners, to our most popular, the Whole House Water Purification with Ionized Alkaline Drinking Water Systems, we can accommodate the most discerning taste. Our high end Twin Alternating Water Softeners self-adjust to accommodate our customer’s needs – from a single person on a well with a septic system, to a home in the city with a large family that has frequent guests.

We are proud to introduce the latest line of Alternative Water Conditioning systems, the Filter-Sorb SP3. This system is a SALT-FREE ‘Water Softener Alternative’ which is sized to your exact needs. The major advantage to this system is they require NO SALT and NO REGENERATION which saves money – no hauling salt and a lower water bill.

After the initial sales or service call, M & R offers monthly, quarterly and yearly service to accommodate our customers’ needs as well as meet the Manufacturers Recommended Service Guide Lines.

In addition to water softening, we offer a wide range of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems. From small residential units, to large commercial systems, we bring you the latest technology. With our new ‘Green’ reverse osmosis system, which only uses one gallon of water to make one gallon of purified water, teamed with our Saltless Water Conditioning System, you can make a big impact by reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Tyent Water Ionizers offer the finest ionized Alkaline Water available. We are Proud to be a Tyent Dealer and strive to bring you only the healthiest water for your wellness. Stop in anytime and take home a free gallon of Tyent Ionized Water and feel the difference for yourself!

We also welcome the D.I.Y. homeowner with a wide selection – from parts and equipment to complete systems for you take home and install, service and/or repair your own equipment, even if it wasn’t purchased from M & R Water.

We invite you to stop in and visit our showroom to see all your options, and a vast array of equipment before you buy. Our reverse osmosis systems come with your choice of faucet color and can be completely customized from tank capacity to gallons per day production.


Thank you for choosing M & R Water for all your water conditioning needs.

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